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Makeup curriculum


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G. zero base advanced seminar

The zero foundation international advanced study class is a comprehensive makeup course. It is a course developed by our teaching and research group. The zero foundation international advanced training class covers not only the whole content of the photo studio modeling class, the elite fashion make-up class, the film and TV modeling class, the makeup modeling all-around class, but also the fine arts, fine art, fashion design and other courses. By learning this course, students can independently perform any make-up and sculpt work, and have higher aesthetic, innovative and comprehensive design ability, so as to achieve a higher level of makeup and styling designers.

Targeting crowd
Zero foundation students. The main purpose is to cultivate a full range of senior practical make-up stylists such as photo studio, plane, make-up, film and television, elite makeup modeling designers, make-up styling designers.
Direction of employment
Cosmetics makeup artist, wedding studio, personal studio, advertising agency, photography company, styling agency make-up stylist, makeup school lecturer, graphic designer, make-up brand lecturer, T stylist, MTV&MV fashion makeup artist, model company makeup artist, TV station, film and television drama group makeup artist, etc.

One year system


29800 yuan

School opens April every year
Discount Giving value 1000 yuan cosmetics Tools + a gift wusawusa value 1888 yuan gift package + nail class + double certificate + travel to Japan to study Korean priority
Learning direction

Introduction to makeup

The relationship between art and makeup

The relationship between color and makeup

Knowledge of facial structure


Makeup Foundation

Skin modification

Eye makeup

Eyebrow modification

Modification of lips and blushes

Corrective makeup

Life makeup series


Hairstyle Foundation

Hairstyle tools and product knowledge

Hair recognition and zoning

The use and modeling technique of straight plate clamp and curling stick

Knitting modeling techniques

Twist molding technique

Modeling technique of reel

Three dimensional package

Wavy modeling techniques

Combination Modeling


Bride style

The relationship between art and bridal makeup

Photo bride style

A classical elegance

B classic Korean style

C beautiful romance

D cute and cute

Late modeling of photography

A French elegance

B fashion simplicity

C sexy.

D gorgeous and noble

Costume modeling

A Tang costume modeling

B cheongsam (Chinese nostalgia) modeling

C Xiu Wo modeling


Advanced hairstyle

Photography bride hairstyle skills

Photography and evening hairstyle skills

Application of veil and accessories

Bride design

Photo studio transformation techniques


Boutique nail

A variety of nail carving methods

Nail painting

Three-dimensional carving

Japanese manicure design

Korean nail design

Eyelash grafting


Film Makeup Foundation

The relationship between art and film make-up

Film and stage makeup for the aged

Facial makeup

Facial makeup techniques

Theater process


Hair production

Sideburns hook

Beauty knit hook

Half hair Crochet

Bearded Crochet


Film dressing

Jewelry making and dressing modeling in Han Dynasty

Jewelry making and dressing modeling in Tang Dynasty

Jewelry making and dressing modeling in late Tang Dynasty

Jewelry making and dressing modeling in Song Dynasty

Jewelry making and dressing modeling in Ming Dynasty

Qing Dynasty jewelry making and dressing modeling people

Jewelry making and dressing modeling in China

Men's ancient hat and accessories production


Drama modeling

Old style

Niche modeling

Knife and horse shape

Tsing Yi style


Work preparation

Appearance of ancient costume figures

(summary of students' works at the stage of film and television)


Advanced screen modeling

TV corrective makeup

News anchor modeling

Entertainment host modeling

Variety host modeling

Small smoked


Plane modeling stage

Transparent makeup

Magazine styling design

Dynamic advertising modeling design

Personal image modeling design


Advanced hairstyle

Host Hair Design

A entertainment hostess hairstyle

B variety show host hairstyle

Graphic design

A photography plane modeling

B advertising graphic design


Artiste modeling stage

Presentation ceremony

Brand press release

Business modeling

Company annual meeting modeling

Male artist modeling


Stage of modeling

Wedding dress show design

Advanced custom brand fashion show design

European and American makeup (smoky)

European and American makeup (European makeup)

European and American makeup (smoky)


Advanced hairstyle

Women's long hair modeling design

Women's long hair design

Women's short hairstyle design

Men modeling


Stage stage

Latin dance modeling

India makeup stage

Stage creative make-up

Creative make-up design


Handmade jewelry making

Sen style jewelry making

Retro style jewelry making

Rococo style jewelry making

Baroque style jewelry making


Special makeup promotion

Site emergency injury

Manufacture of damaged parts

Wrinkle makeup

Atmosphere makeup


Special makeup stage

In vivo sampling


Making fake leather

Coloring of fake leather

Overall presentation


Fashion design stage

Painting of costume design drawings

Stereo tailoring

Hand sewing

Dress Adornment

Finished garment


Handmade jewelry making

Creative headwear production

Creative facial adorning

Creative shoe making


Jewelry preparation

Creative stage rendering

(summary of student's works in fashion stage)

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