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Makeup curriculum


Small class teaching, lifelong free, redevelopment of real life for you to close the door, we open a window for you.

E. personal image class

This course is a characteristic course in our university. The course includes self makeup design, self hair design, self dress matching, self adorning accessories, makeup skills for white collar women's daily life and work needs. The senior teacher of our school can speak according to his personal image and shape.

Targeting crowd
Office workers, students, etc. This course mainly promotes personal appearance. Small class teaching
Direction of employment

Two days


1600 yuan 2200 yuan

School opens 5 people and more than 5 people on duty
Discount nothing
Learning direction

Understanding and understanding

Cosmetic knowledge

Knowledge of makeup tools and hairstyle tools

Personal color analysis

(exclusive color analysis of make-up)


Skin care and maintenance

Skin care before makeup

Correct way to remove makeup

Skin care after makeup remover

How to use hairstyle tools


Makeup learning results

Use of hair styling tools

Daily makeup

Daily hairdressing

Evening makeup

Change of hair style

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