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Makeup curriculum


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D. makeup class

The makeup and modeling class is a comprehensive makeup course. It is a course developed by our teaching and research group. The make-up modeling class not only covers all the contents of the photo studio modeling class, the elite fashion make-up class, the film and TV modeling class, but also the curriculum is more detailed, richer and more systematic. By learning this course, students can independently perform any make-up and sculpt work, possess higher aesthetic, innovative and comprehensive design ability, and achieve a higher level of makeup modeling.

Targeting crowd
Zero foundation students. The main purpose is to cultivate a full range of senior practical makeup stylists such as photo studio, plane, make-up, film and television.
Direction of employment
Cosmetics makeup artist, wedding studio, personal studio, advertising agency, photography company, styling agency make-up stylist, makeup school lecturer, graphic designer, make-up brand lecturer, T stylist, MTV&MV fashion makeup artist, model company makeup artist, TV station, film and television drama group makeup artist, etc.

Six months


15840 yuan 19800 yuan

School opens March 1, 2019
Learning direction

Introduction and foundation of makeup

Commencement ceremony, tools and product knowledge

Aesthetics class

Color class

Skull makeup (facial structure)

Powder foundation and beauty eye paste

Eye shadow level


Eye segment (Duan's)

True and false eyelash modification

Eyebrow modification

Modification of lips and blushes

Corrective makeup

Life makeup


Makeup promotion

Foundation hairstyle

Hairstyle tools introduction, zoning, horse tail

Reverse comb, single roll, flat coil

Package, single roll, flat roll

Use of hairstyle tools

Knitting and twisting rope

Horsetail, knitting and twisting rope

Horsetail and curly hair


Photo studio advance (1)

Photography Bride (noble and elegant)

Photography bride two (romantic aestheticism)

Photography bride three (Korean style)

Photography bride four (cute and cute)

Yarn modeling

Late night photography (romantic elegance)

Photography evening ceremony two (Fashion evening courtesy)

Photography evening ceremony three (gorgeous and noble)

Late photography four (sexy and charming)


Photo studio advance (two)

Pictorial style

Studio makeup

Cheongsam makeup

Xiu Wo makeup

Portrait (Bobbi)

Portrait (neutral)

Photo studio process

Studio location

The bride (long hair)

Bride (short hair)


Advanced hairstyle

Hairstyle one (entertainment host hairstyle)

Hairstyle two (evening hairstyle)

Hairstyle three (flat hairstyle)

Hairstyle four (hair styling)

T hairstyle

Red carpet hairstyle

Mens Hairstyles


Advanced level of fashion

Transparent makeup

TV news host makeup

Small smoked

Entertainment host makeup

Host for variety show

Folk singer makeup

TV makeup

Smoky makeup

Artist's flat makeup

Model plane makeup

Male makeup

Latin ball makeup


Creative make-up

India makeup

European makeup

Color matching (gouache)

Colorful smoke

Make-up (1)

Make-up (two)

Creative make-up

Oil make-up (clown makeup, animal makeup, doll makeup, etc.)

Opera makeup (Tsing Yi and Guan Gong)

Drama makeup (Xiao Sheng, etc.)


Film and television hair production

Hair production (Shang Hu)

Hair production (lower Hu)

Hair production (beauty tip, temples)

Hair production (men's front film)

Hair production (men's back)

Hair production (semi hair set)

Jewelry making (1)

Jewelry making (two)

Jewelry making (three)


Film and television shaping advanced

Plastic one (gunshot wound, stab wound, bruise)

Plastic two (burns, cuts, bruises)

Plastic three (burns, severed fingers, injuries)

Plastic four (scratch, scratch, old scar)

Plastic atmosphere makeup (War makeup, etc.)

Molding five (Global turn over)

Molding six (partial leather one)

Molding seven (partial Leather Two)

Molding eight (partial leather three)

Molding nine (partial leather four)

Molding ten (partial leather five)

Molding eleven (partial leather six)


Hair production

Hair production (Qin Han)

Hair production (Sheng Tang)

Hair production (late Tang Dynasty)

Hair production (Song Zhao)

Hair production (Yuan Ming)

Hair production (Qing Dynasty)

Hair production (Republic of China)


Dressing for ancient costumes

Toilet dressing (Qin Han)

Dressing for ancient costume (Sheng Tang)

Dressing in ancient costume (late Tang Dynasty)

Dressing for ancient costume (Song Zhao)

Dressing for ancient costume (Yuan Ming)

Toilet dressing (Qing Dynasty)

Dressing in ancient costume (Republic of China)


Theater process

Girls, men and men

Ancient costume personas reflect each generation.

Stage makeup for the elderly

Characterization of characters (1)

Characterization of characters (two)

Workflow of theatre group

employment guidance

Graduation works competition

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