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Makeup curriculum


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B. makeup modeling class

The elite fashion make-up class is an advanced course. This course covers all the contents of class A: photo studio modeling class. This course is closely related to the forefront of fashion, and its teaching contents are novel and practical.

By learning this course, students can achieve a higher level of make-up.

Targeting crowd
Zero foundation students. It mainly trains people in studio, fashion, graphic, creative and make-up direction.
Direction of employment
Cosmetic makeup cosmetics, wedding studio, personal studio, advertising agency, photography company, makeup artist of any modeling agency, makeup school lecturer, graphic designer, make-up brand lecturer, advertising company make-up, plane magazine make-up, T stage makeup, model company, TV station, film and TV drama group makeup artist, etc.

2 months


8200 yuan Renminbi

School opens August 16, 2019
Learning direction

Introduction and foundation of makeup

Basic makeup theory

Cosmetic tools and materials

Aesthetics and color

Color and makeup

Facial structure (Ku Louzhuang)


Makeup promotion

Foundation (foundation, Mei Mu tie)

Eye shadow halo

Drawing of Eyeliner

Modification of eyelashes

Eyebrow modification

Modification of lips and blushes

Corrective makeup (various facial modification methods)

Daily life makeup


Hairstyle Foundation

Hairstyle (1)

Understanding of a hairstyle tools

B hair recognition and zoning

The use of C curling stick

D reverse comb

E package

F ponytail

Hairstyle (two)

Photography Bride (real wig combination, three hairstyles)

Hairstyle (three)

Photography Bride (real wig combination, three hairstyles)

Hairstyle (four)

The bride (true hair, three hairstyles)


Overall shape

Bridal makeup for photography (1)

Bridal makeup for photography (two)

Late night dressing

Cheongsam makeup

Studio makeup

Bride makeup

A Korean bride

B European style bride

C Chinese bride

D fashion bride

Show bride


Studio skills

Communication and sales skills

Various makeup techniques for bride dressing

Hairstyle quick change skills

The treatment of the groom's makeup face

Shooting process


Advanced hairstyle

TV host hairstyle

A news anchor hairstyle

B entertainment hostess hairstyle

C host's hair style

D children's hostess hairstyle

Host stage evening host hairstyle

Male hair style

Flat magazine hairstyle

Red carpet hairstyle

T hairstyle

Blow molding


Fashion modeling advanced

Transparent makeup

News anchor makeup

Small smoked

Entertainment host makeup

Host for variety show


Artist's flat makeup

Model plane makeup

T male makeup


Special makeup

India makeup

European makeup


Fashion make-up advance

Colorful smoky makeup

Make-up (1)

Make-up (two)

A collocation

B pattern description

C lines outline

D jewelry paste

Creative make-up (1)

Creative make-up (two)

Jewelry making skills

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