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Beijing make-up school with the highest employment rate in recent years

School address

Enterprise QQ:800003823

WeChat: st4000068628

Admission hotline: Fifteen billion nine hundred and one million one hundred and six thousand six hundred and eighty-nine Teacher pan

Marketing Department Hotline: Eighteen billion seven hundred and thirty million two hundred and twenty-one thousand seven hundred and fifteen Teacher Zhou

Address: No. three, No. 12, new Zhongjie street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, three floor.

School bus route

Metro Line 2 gets off the train to Dongsishitiao, B exit and goes East (leaving the left hand side). It takes about 5 minutes to walk. At the intersection of huge stone mansion (Beijing bank), turn left, go straight to 55 Middle School, turn right and walk 150 meters, and enter the purple Ming mansion house.

Line 1: Beijing West Railway Station - Dongsishitiao subway station: Beijing West Railway Station (line nine) - Military Museum (line nine transfer to line 1) - Fuxing gate (line 1 transfer to line two) - Dongsishitiao (B exit).
* or the bus No. 3 goes directly to the "Dongsishitiao Bridge East" station.

Route two: Beijing South Railway Station - Dongsishitiao subway station: Beijing South Railway Station (line 4) - Xuanwumen (line 4 transfer to line 2) - Dongsishitiao (B exit).

Route three: Beijing Railway Station / Beijing North Railway Station: you can take subway line 2 directly to Dongsishitiao subway station (B exit).

Route four: Beijing Airport - Shang Tao modeling: you can take the airport express line to Dongzhimen subway station. (C mouth out)

Bus routes:
113, 115, 118 and 623 arrive at Dongsishitiao Qiaodong station and walk for about five minutes.
44, 24, 106, 107, 800, 606, 614, 401, 404, 413, 909, 909, 909, 413, 909, and the airport bus gets off at Dongzhimen station.

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Address: No. 4, building 12, new Zhongjie street, Dongcheng District, Beijing.