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Shang Tao modeling 901 graduating class

Time: 2019-05-17 14:43:25 Source: Read:

Student: Dong Yixiang

Title: "Xi Lan Chun GUI"

Student class: omnipotent class (zero basis)

Design inspiration:

My inspiration came from the spring and summer intertwined. When I graduated, I also felt the spring of Beijing for the first time. It was full of vitality and flowers, so the whole headdress was decorated with flowers. Dandelion represented the flying willow catkins, and its vitality was also very strong. Wherever it fell, it could grow roots and bloom. The ice is fading, the sky is blue, the stream is blue, and the tone of the whole makeup is mainly composed of light blue. It is a symbol of eternity. At the same time, the difference is also for the better meeting next time.

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