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Shang Tao modeling 901 graduating class

Time: 2019-05-17 14:37:37 Source: Read:

Student: Yao Yadan

Name of the work: Flower raft.

Student class: omnipotent class (zero basis)

Description: my inspiration comes from a Japanese poem, a flower raft. This poem describes the beautiful scenery of spring. In the warm spring breeze, petals fall with the breeze on the surface of the water. It's like making a raft with flowers and floating along the river, so it's called "flower Raft". This kind of artistic conception is very desirable. Therefore, my head ornaments are arranged with flowers arranged like flowers rafts, and the branches behind my brain are like a paste, and a beautiful scene emerges in the brain.

The design of clothes has been integrated into the Japanese representative cranes, which use the 22 combination of Chinese traditional handicrafts and embroidery. When we look at a person or even a country, we must get the essence and discard the dross and take off our colored glasses. This is exactly what I want to express through this modeling.

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