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Shang Tao modeling 901 graduating class

Time: 2019-05-16 15:00:02 Source: Read:

Student: Lu Zetian

The name of the work: Fang's flavor, spring's charm.

Student class: omnipotent class (zero basis)

Design inspiration:

I do not have any beautiful legends to tell you, nor will you make up a story to prevaricate. What I want to express is the most intuitive feeling that spring brings to me, that is, the gentle and intelligent life, the implication and the enthusiasm.

The feeling that spring brings to me is the newly arrived, lightly passing the earth. With a little impatience, he carefully explored. It is not noisy, quiet, gentle awakening life, for the world paved green, so that everything is revitalized.

If we compare the world to a piece of white paper, then spring will be like a drop of green with hope. From shallow to deep, the layers will gradually move forward, slowly infiltrating, leaving the gorgeous flowers and blooming the lustre of life.

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