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Shang Tao modeling 901 graduating class

Time: 2019-05-16 14:58:59 Source: Read:

Student: Prince

Name of graduation: Xue Li

Student class: omnipotent class (zero basis)

Design inspiration:

The inspiration comes from Han Yu's spring snow, but the snow is too late for spring. So it will snow in spring. It also represents the melting of snow, and usher in the coming of spring, and everything will revive.

Model is the representative of winter, snow. Holding green plants means that she is about to melt herself, so that everything can receive the last baptism of snow. Green plants represent freshmen, and snow is a gift to the spring, so it is snow etiquette.

Makeup inspired by Aisha, the actress of ice and snow. The combination of blue makeup and white dress reflects the feeling of ice and snow.

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