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Follow the footsteps of Shang Tao and walk behind the scenes of ambush.

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Received the invitation from Mr. Yang Liping's work. Shang Tao The teacher led the work team to enter the creative state, began to study opera, pick up opera elements, and split the plot of "ten faced ambush". To enlarge the design space, we should take into account the feelings of the actors and take care of the audience after the 15 row of the theater. This is the design concept that must be considered in the design of the dance drama.
Before the opening ceremony, Shang Tao The teacher and Yang Liping and Ye Jintian two teachers to each actor's styling design, continuous discussion, repeatedly overturned, again and again to improve, to finally set the shape. Shang Tao led the team to follow up the whole process, including rehearsal, search for inspiration, and understanding of actors. It was only designed to give actors no burden on the stage, more confident and more easily integrated into the role modeling.

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