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Shang Tao modeling to Korea high-end training tour is about to open

Time: 2018-10-17 17:02:34 Source: Read:

Our school and South Korea embroidery Makeup school To reach a concept of cooperation with Japan, we can learn and play. Most importantly, their school has been the master stylist of the star from you, and is a 30 year old Korean. Makeup Training schools.


     The so-called "study tour" is that you can play or learn. curriculum It's very attractive. First, I will take you to understand Korean culture, and then open the real class mode. After class, I will take my classmates to sightseeing school.


  Shang Tao went to South Korea's high-end training tour, which brought together a lot of energy from Mr. Shang Tao and the Korean school to study travel. curriculum It has created a number of influential research tour boutique lines, and the opening hours. In December 17th, The tour is limited. 20 people, first reported first experience yo ~

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