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Wu Hao Lin

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senior Makeup Modeling lecturer

Star stylist exclusive stylist

Chinese film and television Makeup Member of the division, national makeup instructor, senior makeup artist in the industry, and exclusive stylist of many star artists, has rich teaching experience.

The main makeup artist of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2018-2019 years.

He won the CCTV makeup contest championship and won the third China makeup contest. He has not only provided makeup and styling services for CCTV columns, parties, entertainers, but also is one of the backbone members of the Spring Festival evening make-up team over the years.

Main cooperative media: CCTV, Jiangsu TV, Dongfang satellite TV, Shandong TV station, Heilongjiang TV station, etc.

Participation in TV programs "Non Cheng 6+1", "lucky 52", "dialogue", "chanting music", "guess women's heart", "intimate lover", "sing the Olympic Games" and so on.

Film and television works "World second", "Royal tattoo", "fashion gentleman", "flying youth", "shadow puppet king", "first love" and so on.

Cooperative intermediary "Fashion bazaar", "fashion gentleman", "men's clothes", "ELLE", "Ruili", "Jia Ren", "Feng Shangzhi" and so on.

Co entertainers Liu Huan, Yang Liping, Zhu Xun, Daniel Chan, Wu Yue, Baoqiang Wang, Fan Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, and so on.

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