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Liu Yu

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National Advanced Makeup division

Now he is a lecturer in Shang Tao modeling in Beijing.

Participated in the modeling design of welcome party at Peking University.

The overall modeling design of children's song and dance drama in the National Theatre

"2014 Chinese cheongsam grand ceremony design"

"Red Bull X male ambition Men" s JOKER "2014 Vientiane ART new force crossover exhibition styling design"

Jiangsu satellite TV at the end of the new year Makeup modelling

"2014 children's palace drama culture foreign exchange stylist"

Yu Ji's role model in dance drama

"SONY electric Thanksgiving party general modeling design"

General modeling design of Peking Union Medical College Hospital welcome party

The cooperation column is "starting from happiness", "golden 100 seconds" and "spicy mother College".

"Echo loud and clear", "stars find you", "I see you play."

Co entertainer: Zang Hong Na Li Yuanyuan, Dong Hao, Xie Mengwei Hu Shenyuan

Wang Chengmin Li Di

The following are some works:

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