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Shi Donghe

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senior Make up Modeling lecturer, member of teaching and Research Group


He began to cooperate with many studios, model agencies and troupes in Beijing, and his work touched on magazines, film and television education, plane and fashion



Special invitation of singers of Hunan team in the 13th CCTV youth song competition Make up modelling

BTV may day labor song invited makeup artist

The second "Jinbang fashion stylist"


Chief stylist of Beijing "tie vision"

Guangzhou Golden Bell Award / Xuzhou model ceremony / Binzhou government party

Make up song for the motherland



"Lovesickness boat" MV stylist

Stylist of Hangzhou magic musical

Make up artist for postgraduate concert of Central Conservatory of music

Beijing song style instructor


"Mika fashion" special stylist

Designated stylist for drama "final victory"

Film and television stylist

Shang Tao Senior lecturer in modeling


Beijing fashion designer

Micro film (micro kidnapping) (three bed) stylist

Editor of "studio makeup skills and hairstyle design"

Member of X12 modeling group


Design director of beautiful beauty of Tourism Satellite TV


100 cases of classic Chinese Hairstyles for brides

The maker of "La Ma academy"

American air football baby special stylist

DS press conference special stylist

Profoto's trip to China

Modeling director of "new youth in film" of large reality show CCTV6

Director of fashion design of fortune media

Special stylist of Sanya song and Dance Troupe

Special lecturer of Miko group

Co artists: Yang Gongru, Li Yixuan, Wang Yuan, Guo Zhenni, pan Zhilin, Yan Gongru, Ke Naixin, Li Yanjin, song Ning, Ma Junchao, sun Zhixiang, 1983, Wang Bingyang, Chen Hao, Shang Tiantong, Han Wenwen, Yan Xuejing, Cai Wenjing, and Jiang Yi's mother qimiya

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